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Information Lifecycle Experts

At InfoCycle, we understand the challenges that organizations in highly regulated industries face when trying to manage ever-growing volumes of business and customer data.  


Our services provide clients the confidence they need to manage data in a compliant manner which improves their overall security and compliance posture and saves Legal and IT operating expenses.


Our team includes both advisers and practitioners.  We are information lifecycle experts and we forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Practice Areas

At InfoCycle, our proven methodologies and experience help our clients realize the value of their information while also maintaining proper security, privacy & compliance.  
Our practice areas include:

Privacy & Compliance

Advising and implementing frameworks and technologies that support user privacy and organizational compliance with key state and federal regulations

Data Governance & IT Security

Analyzing organizational data to enable greater information utilization, streamline business processes and protect critical information assets

Legal Operations

Implementing technology and streamlining processes within legal departments to improve operations, reduce cost and reduce administrative time spent on tedious and repetitive tasks


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