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Proper information asset management is of the utmost importance when it comes to governing digital assets in the cloud.  While most organizations have adopted some form of cloud computing already, many are just beginning or working to expand their current cloud footprint.  Regardless of where you might be on your journey, our team of experts is ready to support you along the way.  Many organizations have adopted cloud compute and storage resources in an expedited fashion.  However, without the proper thought and strategy surrounding cloud-based information asset management, they are quick to discover that their data volumes and cost are spiraling out of control.  Asset discovery has become more cumbersome as new hurdles exist for regulatory compliance checks.  That is not to say that InfoCycle is against cloud, to the contrary, there are many incredible solutions that exist within the cloud to support you on your information asset management journey.  However, it is vital that your team understands how to use these tools and what data should go into the cloud in the first place.  

One of the key services that InfoCycle offers surrounding cloud is cloud data migration.  Here, our team works with you to identify the categorizations of content to be migrated and designs a suitable governance framework within whatever cloud environment that the data will be migrating into, to ensure that the data is properly governed starting as it is migrated.  In addition, we work to ensure that you are not migrating redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) data to the cloud.  Instead our team of experts execute data scanning activities that help analyze that content that is to be migrated, and if necessary, execute defensible disposition steps prior to the migration taking place.  Contact us today to find out more about our cloud migration services.

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