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Data Governance and IT Security

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Data Mapping

Often times organizations understand their most critical assets at a high level but most do not have a clear understanding as to where structured and non-structured data sources may contain sensitive or confidential data.  At InfoCycle, we understand data mapping and have executed numerous projects to support information classification for the sake of privacy and security compliance.  Our unique blend of engagements include:

  • Data Storage Assessment: Utilizing a combination of lightweight scanning solutions, our team can help you gain a quick understanding of how your data is being created and stored throughout the company.  Upon completion, your organization will have the necessary data points to identify process changes, perform defensible disposition of data, enhance data security and lower total overall cost of ownership for storing and managing your data assets.

  • Content Analysis and Classification: Our content analysis and classification offering helps our customers categorize and classify data.  Using best-of-class software solutions that rely on regular expressions and pattern matching, we help customers identify sensitive and confidential data in both structured and unstructured repositories.  Knowing where these assets live helps organizations ensure more robust controls are in place to promote data protection and overall compliance with company retention policies.

Data Cleanup & Cloud Migration

As organizations increase their dependency on cloud solutions they must also improve their maturity of data governance within the cloud.  Most companies transition to the cloud and simply migrate the operational challenges that were once on-premise into their cloud environment.  Our team not only knows how to implement fundamental IG solutions internally but also within cloud architectures using solutions such as: 

  • Microsoft O365 Compliance Center: Our team has amassed a significant amount of experience utilizing the O365 compliance center to help categorize and classify key data assets.  Utilizing existing retention schedules we can help your organization build out a taxonomy within the Microsoft cloud environment that auto classifies assets and ensures they are properly managed.

  • Google Vault: ​Similar to O365, the GSuite of products is quickly being adopted by corporations to enable higher capacity cloud storage as well as collaboration opportunities both internally and externally.  We've assisted clients in understanding their capabilities within Google Vault as it relates to the management and protection of their information.

Information Security Program Assessment

Does your organization need a security program assessment against a common regulatory framework?  Whether you are looking to comply with basic HIPAA or PCI requirements or looking to address ISO 27001/2 as you build out your security program, we've got you covered.  Our team of skilled practitioners has helped guide numerous customers as they've built out their own programs using fundamental frameworks.

  • Base Program Assessment: Our team of consultants will help identify the key frameworks that your organization should establish compliance with.  Using these frameworks as a baseline, we will perform an assessment and identify key areas that require remediation in order to obtain the desired level of compliance.  

  • Privacy & Security: If you are looking to incorporate some of the latest privacy regulations into your program, we are here to help.  While some of our clients address privacy outside of security, others integrate the two under the security program.  Designing a program to support security and privacy requirements requires an intense focus on the operational aspects of the program to ensure that both goals are equally supported.

Legacy Data Management

When shutting down old systems, companies often struggle with completely taking them offline.  Typically, this occurs because of legacy data challenges which include things like partial data migration, legal hold concerns or backup and disaster recovery.  Keeping these systems online often have unintended consequences from a security perspective, given that most of them are out of date and no longer properly patched, as well as from an operational cost perspective.  ​

  • Legacy System Cleanup: Our team of experts will assist your organization with understanding organizational dependencies that exist on the legacy system and data including any legal requirements and/or backup and disaster recovery needs.  If required, we will support the transition of legacy data into a suitable longterm archival solution so that the legacy system can be properly removed from the network.

Virtual CISO

Many small and medium organizations do not have the ability to retain a full-time Information Security Officer, but from time to time find themselves needing the help of a seasoned professional.  Whether you need help with a single security project or are looking for an interim CISO, we offer a flexible staffing model of senior information security resources that help you scale and address your companies needs. 

Our Data Governance and IT Security practice area is designed to help organizations improve their overall security and governance posture by implementing fundamental controls and frameworks that improve asset security and utilization.  Our key focus areas include:

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