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For far too long, companies have viewed company retention schedules in a manner that supports the justification of retaining digital and paper information assets.  With exponentially growing data volumes, more and more organizations are attempting to implement defensible disposition to promote data minimization, but are being greeted with a number of challenges.  What they are discovering is that utilizing a retention schedule to enforce defensible disposition of paper assets is one thing, but when it comes to enforcing the schedule on modern digital assets, it is a much more complicated and cumbersome task.

To address these challenges, our team of experts supports organizations in developing a data taxonomy or "retention schedule crosswalk" that takes the legal record definitions often found in a retention schedule and translates them into actionable data classifications known as data taxonomies.  Following the development of taxonomies, we can now organize digital assets into logical groupings or taxonomy buckets and place governance policies on them accordingly.  The result is a more actionable retention schedule that technology and business teams can use to defensibly destroy data in a confident manner.  

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