Defensible Disposition

Slowing Data Growth with Defensible Disposition

We've all heard the projections of 100's of zetabytes of data by 2025...and we believe them all to be true.  At InfoCycle, we feel that the best approach organizations can take to prepare for the current data revolution that we are in is to ensure that a sound information governance plan is in place.  Specifically, one that focuses on storage reduction and data minimization through proper data classification and defensible disposition. Organizations continue their adoption of cloud solutions, where operating costs prevail.  Therefore, reducing your organization's data estate can have a significant impact on your annual operating expenses.  In addition, data reduction through defensible disposition is directly correlated to eDiscovery cost reduction.  There are several key steps to executing on defensible disposition workflows, but perhaps none more important than proper legal hold management.

Before any deletion actions can be taken on data, companies must understand whether legal hold obligations might exist for the data in question.  Often we find that while companies may have a high-level understanding of general volumes of data to be held, they lack the required details and knowledge to be able to confidently associate data with specific active matters, and perhaps even more important, they have no formalized processes for ensuring that the data custodians proceed with disposition efforts once litigation holds have been lifted.  At InfoCycle, our team of experts have helped a number of clients address the proper legal and compliance controls that support deploying a defensible disposition program and we are excited to help you on your journey.  Reach out to us today to find out more.

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