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Our team has experience in implementing Information Governance processes and technologies within some of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation.  We understand the unique complexities of healthcare service delivery and the specific use cases that help drive programs forward.


Government entities pose a unique set of challenges due to the strict regulations they must operate under.  Our team has worked with these types of entities on many types of engagements while taking into consideration how they are required to store and manage their data. 

Financial Services & Analytics

At InfoCycle, we understand the heavily regulated nature that financial services companies operate within.  Our clients in the financial services & analytics sector include some of the biggest players in the space.  Most notably, our team supported the implementation of an Information Governance framework following one of the largest data breaches of the past decade.

Professional Sports & Entertainment

Sports and entertainment industries generate volumes of digital assets.  The challenge is understanding which assets are important digital records and what is not.  Our experience with this sector supports designing classification systems to quickly identify digital assets and provide retention and disposition strategies that drastically drive down the cost of data management for critical organizational assets while also organizing the content in a way that supports better retrievability. 


The manufacturing industry poses its own unique set of challenges.  The manufacturing process itself is typically governed by its own set of rules and regulations, thus those companies have an obligation to maintain not only how they operate, but also how they train their employees on that operation.  Our team can help you organize and maintain key information repositories to better position your manufacturing process to meet those rules and regulations.

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