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In-house legal operations is complex.  Legal teams must not only manage the day-to-day operations of a company but also be continuously aware of the ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations.  In addition, they typically operate at an extreme pace with never-ending lists of requests and tasks.  We've successfully implemented several technologies and processes that have enabled our clients to work more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

eDiscovery Process Improvement

Many legal departments struggle with the complexities of managing eDiscovery projects while keeping costs under control.  Lack of proper technologies and in-house expertise are typical reasons why most eDiscovery work is sent to outside firms.  Many of the tools that companies are adopting (e.g., Microsoft Office 365 or Google Vault) contain basic Legal Hold and eDiscovery solutions.  Utilizing these tools to lessen the outsourced data and review allows clients to greatly reduce their spending as it relates to eDiscovery. Our services help legal departments streamline early state eDiscovery processes, which in return reduces cost and complexity in the latter stages of discovery operations. ​

Contract Management & Analytics

Many companies struggle to keep up with the demand for technology and services. Oftentimes, legal departments allow other business units to self-manage their contract workflow and are only involved in the initial negotiation and execution of a contract.  Without proper workflow and storage practices, contracts are often executed in a non-compliant manner with company policy or are lost/forgotten after execution.  This can lead to poor management as it relates to contract renewals and payment terms.  Our team can assist in implementing technology and processes that allow for end-to-end contract lifecycle management.  This includes not only the initial workflow and execution phase, but also the subsequent renewal or termination of each contract.

Knowledge Management

In-house legal departments are often tasked with answering questions from other business units within the company.  These questions could be related to compliance with certain laws and regulations or advice on how to handle certain situations.  Lawyers regularly answer the same questions over and over.  We've helped clients not only explore means of capturing these frequent requests but also in publishing the advice and regulations internally to their colleagues.  This type of knowledge sharing benefits not only the lawyers who no longer have to spend time responding to these types of queries, but also puts the information at the fingertips of the company stakeholders.

Metrics and Analytics

In-house legal departments typically have less ability to provide analytics on where they spend their time because in many cases they do not track their time like a typical law firm.  We've utilized existing technologies to assist in tracking both time and budget spent on specific matters.  This allows the legal department leadership to better understand those matters which are requiring the most time and effort, as well as utilize analytics to determine high areas of external spending (e.g., outside counsel or technology).  This analysis is key in not only budgeting but also ensuring that departmental spending is understood and necessary.

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