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Privacy and Compliance

Our Privacy and Compliance practice offers a unique blend of process and technology solutions to help organizations address regulatory requirements with various data privacy controls.  Our core services for this area include the following:

  • Privacy Framework Assessment and Implementation

  • Cloud Compliance Center Enablement

  • Data Mapping

  • Privacy Policy Design

  • Virtual Privacy Officer

Privacy Framework Assessment and Implementation

Whether you are just beginning to assess your Privacy program against Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or you are looking to implement some of the more advanced National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Privacy Framework Version 1.0, our team of skilled practitioners is ready to help.  We offer a pragmatic and cost-conscious approach that enables our clients to obtain their desired level of compliance.  Our sample engagements include:

  • Privacy Assessment: This offering includes a comprehensive assessment to indicate how your organization stacks up against the new NIST Privacy Framework V1.0, GDPR or CCPA and a summarized road map identifying key gaps and remediation strategies.

  • Privacy System & Process Inventory: The first step to any privacy framework is to establish an underlying map of key systems and processes.  We've worked with numerous organizations to accomplish this task in a way that is tailored to each organization and we are excited to help you on your journey.

Cloud Compliance Center Enablement

Proper governance of data that is stored in the cloud requires a hybrid approach focused on proper asset classification and storage.  Whether you are looking to implement Microsoft Compliance Center, Google Vault, or execute various cloud-centric data governance projects, we possess the skills and experience needed to help drive your program forward.

  • Microsoft O365 Compliance Center: Our team of practitioners has supported various organizations with their transition from on-premise data storage solutions to Microsoft O365 platforms.  In performing these migrations, we assist organizations with building out the proper classification rules and management policies to properly protect and govern their data in the cloud.

  • Google Vault: ​ ​Similar to O365, the GSuite of products is quickly being adopted by corporations to enable higher capacity cloud storage as well as collaboration opportunities both internally and externally.  We've assisted clients in understanding their capabilities within Google Vault as it relates to the management and protection of their information.

Data Mapping

Organizations often understand their most critical assets at a high level but most do not have a clear view of where structured and non-structured data sources may contain sensitive or confidential data.  At InfoCycle, we understand this space and have executed numerous projects to support information classification and asset mapping for the sake of privacy and security compliance.  Our unique blend of engagements include:

  • Data Storage Assessment: Utilizing a combination of lightweight scanning solutions, our team can help you gain a quick understanding of how your data is being created and stored throughout the company.  Upon completion, your organization has the necessary data points to identify process changes, perform defensible disposition of data, enhance data security and lower total overall cost of ownership for storing and managing your data assets.

  • Content Analysis and Classification: Our content analysis and classification offering helps our customers categorize and classify data.  Using best-of-class software solutions that rely on regular expressions and pattern matching, we help customers identify sensitive and confidential data in both structured and unstructured repositories.  Knowing where these assets live helps organizations ensure more robust controls are in place to promote data protection and overall compliance with company retention policies.

Privacy Policy Design

A great privacy program is driven by a great privacy policy framework.   Whether you are looking to establish a baseline program built on the latest regulations such as GDRP, CCPA and other state-centric privacy frameworks or ​simply looking to enhance your existing policies to address changes in the privacy compliance landscape, we are here to help. Our Privacy Policy Design offerings include:

  • Conduct Current State Assessment: Identify key policies and frameworks that organizations need to comply with and conduct assessment activities to identify gaps and enhancements that must be made to obtain overall privacy program compliance.

  • Develop Organizational Privacy Policy: Draft policy documentation and guidance to support the rollout and integration of new privacy policies for existing processes and technologies.

Virtual Privacy Officer

For small and medium businesses, employing a full-time privacy officer simply isn't an option.  Our flexible privacy officer staffing model is designed to help organizations of all sizes comply with key privacy regulations.  Whether you simply need a few hours a week or a few hours a month, our privacy engineers have helped numerous organizations on their journey to compliance and we are excited to assist you as well.

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